Christian Bale spotted in Los Angeles

I’ve uploaded new candids photos Christian picking Emmaline from school in Los Angeles. Thanks to Barbara for the photos!

– Candids in 2009: In Los Angeles

  • Holly Miller

    Oh my god!!!! Christian and Emmaline are so cute!!!! Also, Christian is a gentle father too!!

  • caro

    so cute! my dad did the same thing when i didn’t want to go to school.
    it’s crazy he’s not like others actors Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise ,he looks regular! normal(casual) outfits for every one!

  • Elena aka Haiku77

    Emmaline is soooo sweet, she is wonderful.
    And CB is a very doting dad.

  • jersey

    Wow! I didn’t realize that she was already in school. What a cutie pie. I’m loving the way she is dressed. Bale is looking mighty good.

    Side note. I know people are going to complain that the idiot paparoos are hawking them at the school, which I personally think should be outlawed, however, CB doesn’t seem to spot them. He generally ignores them anyway, but the little one doesn’t, and she seems to be oblivious to them also. My take on it, is that they are using a zoom lense and are not close to them at all. As it should be.

  • jersey

    I forgot to say, the really cute thing, is….the backpack is almost as big as she is. Adorable. :)

  • Lilian

    I’m a hypocrite. I love these photos… can’t resist them, even if I’m totally against people stalking him.
    I’m a hypocrite. (sigh)

  • Lilian


    Off-topic. About Terminator Salvation. Look at this link:

    It’s a doll !!!! Holy cow! It looks so real !!! Ladies, are we buying dolls again in our adult lives after this?


    What a beautifull couple they are together! the most beautifull one on Sta Monica.
    Emmaline always looks so happy when her daddy is aorund. She is your best thing ever made Christian…

  • Lilian


    More pictures of action figure here:

    Well now we can see its fake, but its really well done!

  • jersey


    Welcome to the hypocrite club. :) I’m the same way. I complain, but then I’m the first person to look. I agree, though, the little one is adorable. Daddy isn’t bad, either. Look at those arms.

    I’m trying not to be naughty about that doll….

  • leah

    that beautiful scene! good to see us all living as CB, a living human being equal to any of us “mere mortals” … What a pity I live so far away to see a scene that closely! I have to content with the news from the paparazzi … (they should leave CB live in peace …) But if not the paparazzi, but I would not know news about CB?
    Leah ( from BRAZIL)

  • Elizabeth

    OMG!!! HOW CUTE!! 😀 <33

  • reed

    CB and emmaline sooooooooooo beautiful

  • minn

    does CB live in LA? (didn’t know)

  • http://facebook beatriz

    por lo que se ve ,el lleva una vida de los mas normal con su niñita bella.¡¡¡¡¡ERES GRANDE CHRISTIAN!!!!!!!!los demas actores deberian seguir su ejemplo de un padre normal como el…muchos abrazos

  • Marjory Slaubaugh

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