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Mar 27, 2009

I have added the translation interview of Christian in Vanity Fair Italy, thanks to Ferd, Elena & SilmaBale for translation.

Christian Bale not want to ask (sorry) ever.

The boys and soon. Furthermore, to become Batman or Terminator must immerse in the character. So can happen that an unwary technician if they feel to say all the color on the set. And that perhaps you know. What we do not know and how that ended.

A balloon inflated? A star? Who really is Christian Bale? And the character that you wonder behind the mask of the bat, or the tip can have be aggressive with mother and sister (and success in London in 2008, just hours after the premiere of The Dark Knight)? and the wonderful actor with which any director would work, or that insults the bullies violently for five minutes a technician on the set of Terminator Salvation, the fourth chapter in the saga (in Italy out June 5)?

Having to do with Christian Bale is not easy. It is part of that handful of players who do not deque the rules of the game. With Edward Norton, Tobey Maquita, Joaquin Phoenix and a few others is the core dur a Hollywood that glitters is not, not try to appearances. And that, among other things, and a nightmare for journalists, because he hates talking to the press.

We had tried on the set of the film, in New Mexico: two days in the desert, hoping to exchange a few words with him. We are not even worthy of an interview. does not want to leave the character, told us then. So, we never would have expected to meet for the presentation of the new Terminator film, the first of a new trilogy, which sees him as a protagonist in the shoes of John Connor, the man who leads the humans against the regime of the cyborg, a few days putiferio triggered by the registration, spread on the Internet, its sfuriata with technico lights, guilty of having disturbed the scene. The episode was great echo, put him against most of the public, disappointed his fans and as confirmation of his arrogance to those who it considers a rude.

So many controversies that Bale had to intervene and do a radio program, one of the most ruthless in its criticism, and explain what happened in a convincing way. For all these son was the official apology, but not for him in this interview with Vanity Fair, in fact, the first after discuitibile gesture, denied excused and minimized the incident.Bale and more minute as it appears on the screen and it is now known, as well as perceived un’inquietudine background in his eyes. The eyes on a small thin face, dug, the air discharged with the shirts and a pair of pants all the pizzaz that accompanies the movement of controlled lips thin, his talk slow, a low voice, baritone. Slightly curved on the chair, seems always ready to attack pending questions.

Interviewer: Thanks, I did not think it would be done after the interview and success.
CB: I have nothing to hide, and this issue permanently closed.

Interviwer: Yes, I heard your apology on the radio …
CB: I do not make time to finish that lights up his eyes and I stop. To be honest I never apologized (literally, “I never actually said I’m sorry.)

Interviewer: What do you mean?
CB: I have never pronounced the word “excuse”. When I called on the radio, I told the conductor that it was a thing between me and another person that had settled between us. It now belonged to the past. Sometimes it can shock and as happened but, believe me, are things that happen often. When you make a creative work as an actor is not rare. The point is that someone has decided to press the record button!

Interviewer: One thing that you did not welcome?
CB: No, no, I’m not sure I put a person to criticize or blame another for what happened. I exaggerated, I said that I have lost some ‘control, that that time I was a mix of me and my character. John Connor of the hero, but the son of Sarah Connor, and her and was always above the lines, perhaps with a vein of madness. He has inherited his character and the audience wants to see this aspect of his peronal, or not? At that time I was not able to crush the brake, I would have had to do it, but sometimes is not easy.

Interviewer: But when an actor as she enters the party, does not understand that you are giving too much to his character? Maybe so much to confuse real and fiction?
CB: I have always loved my colleagues are able to dive into a character beyond the normal boundaries, to go even where the situation becomes uncomfortable, and perhaps too intense. I have always highly esteemed, and will continue to do so. I like to let go in those rare occasions when Hollywood allows, dig deeply and be honest with history and with the public. Inspired me with these actors at their ease in pain, matics, physical and psychological, with the sole purpose of making the most of character that are interpreted. There’s nothing more beautiful than an obsession.

Interviewer: An obsession?
CB: Yes, the happiest moments of my life have been those where I was haunted by something. I love to have an obsession, a lot. I love my obsessions, me all the love, really. Are at work, in a report for my family and are beautiful.

Interviewer: In that phone call to the radio you said you feel you are an actor and not a star. Why?
CB: I do not want to judge me differently from others. I am not and I never wanted to be. And it would be like burying myself and make myself incapable of any artistic creation. I am human, sometimes I go over the top and the lighthouse as often as it deems necessary, prone face the consequences. I made this distinction between actor and celebrities also like to have been treated in this affair, or as a celbrity. But that’s not me, is inappropriate for me the definition. I do not feel a star and I always thought that people should be concerned only with my performance in the films.

Interviewer: But you trust the people?
CB: When these things happen, it might be easy to take refuge in cynicism and become a person who does not trust anyone. We all have similar stories, with unexpected betrayal by people who never would have believed capable of doing so. I try to convince me that you can trust, even if it cost me some knife in his back and a few fall.

Interviewer: Joaquin Phoenix, one of the best actors of today and often subjected to pressure from the media, told me that after you finish a film, veg for two or three weeks before returning to itself. Also pray for her and so painful? Or, pleasant, fun, something that makes you feel free?
CB: And a combination of all these feelings. Sometimes, it is absolutely natural to turn a scene, and sometimes exactly the opposite and irritating. What the audience sees a movie and not just the tip of the iceberg. An actor to show that the tip must dive to the bottom and sometimes it is not healthy. But I like it. While I do not like piagnoni: there is a special satisfaction in giving everything and chissenefrega what I had to suffer or what depth I had to push both. Some players have the ability to enter and exit the character to their liking, and they are fantastic. Others must work for months. I do not ever know in advance what kind of actor saro, depends on the film, the characters.

Interviewer: You chooses your roles carefully. It is said that MCG, the director of Terminator Salvation, has prayed in every way to accept the part. He told us of when you meet at the bar …
CB: It was not a bar, maybe he went there after to forget my answer … which initially was no. I had the idea to make his film and the script did not work. Then they turned: it was more a way for the rebirth of the product Terminator, but to recount the birth of John Connor as leader of the resistance and start a new trilogy, plausible. It became a different story, set in fururo, but human. But was not enough and before you accept, despite the enthusiasm of the director, I wanted to read the entire script, revised and corrected. Then, at last, and born of an obsession …

Interviewer: There is one thing that remained and his character?
CB: A council which gave him his mother’s destiny is not already written, but one that you do.

Interviewer: You have met Arnold Schwarzenegger, the protagonist of the first Terminator?
CB: Yes, I met years ago and then I saw him recently in a parking lot: I have buffered while parked.

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  • caro

    the beginning isn’t very nice for him(Ed norton and Tobey Maguire are very rude with journalists and fans) and there are errors(the story with his mother was before the premiere and the police said it was a famil!y fight) and some actors dislike to speak with journalists on set!
    but it’s an interesting interview(less than this Empire interview)!

  • Thirteen

    I didn’t like the beginning either but at least they had to admit that he’s a wonderful actor. I like what Christian said though.