Christian Bale and Sam Shepard Filming ‘Dust To Dust’

With rifles in hand, movie stars Christian Bale and Sam Shepard strolled through the woods of Beaver County on Wednesday, hunting for realism.
Through a secluded ravine near the beach at Raccoon Creek State Park they acted out a deer hunting-male bonding scene for the currently titled film “Out of the Furnace.”
Bale, an Oscar winner best known for playing Batman, also climbed into a boat for a scene shot on the state park’s lake.
Don’t be shocked if Bale and Oscar nominee Shepard (“The Right Stuff”) return there this weekend when the cameras aren’t rolling.
 “It’s beautiful here,” said Jeff Waxman, executive producer for the film.”All the actors are talking about coming back here to go hiking on the trails. It’s fabulous.” 
Wednesday was day four of filming, with previous scenes shot at the West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville.
Waxman said the Raccoon Creek State Park scenes involve Russell bonding with his uncle (Shepard) while deer hunting. The actors’ guns fired blanks and a roadkill deer was trucked to the scene. Shepard is an avid hunter, Waxman said, though technical advisers were on hand to ensure the scene looked real.
A publicist on the closed set supplied a press release indicating “Out of the Furnace” is the film’s current title, though some crew members wore laminates with the name “Dust to Dust,” suggesting that name also is under consideration.
Shooting is scheduled to last 32 days, mostly in the Braddock area, though director Scott Cooper (“Crazy Heart”) confirmed filming also will take place at the IPSCO Koppel Tubulars mill in Koppel. 
Source: Times Online