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Dec 16, 2011

Film star Christian Bale found himself on the run from Chinese authorities after he attempted to meet with detained human rights activist Chen Guangcheng with help from CNN’s international news team. The plan went awry when guards began aggressively pushing Bale away, which CNN all caught on tape.

Bale was in the country for the premiere of The Flowers of War, the most expensive Chinese film ever made, and was attempting to highlight the plight of the blind human rights activist held in his home for 15 months, when Chinese police began roughing him up.

“We’re trying to get out of here,” a CNN reporter exclaims. “We’ve been stopped. Stopped right here and as you can see, they’re pushing Christian here, trying to leave peacefully.”

As Bale and the CNN news team began to leave, the Chinese guards gave chase in their car.

Source: Mediaite

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Dec 15, 2011
Interview with Bale: Yimou is a living warrior
The star of ‘The Flowers Of War’, the Oscar winning “Batman” actor gave an exclusive interview to our reporter. Before the interview with Bale, Zhang Yimou specifically told reporters that this is a rare opportunity since Bale is leaving tomorrow (14th), and there are a lot of things to ask him.
China Daily: Yesterday I saw you on the red carpet with your wife. Has she already seen the movie?
Bale: She hasn’t seen the movie; I’ve only seen it once myself. I watch a movie specifically to see the performances, like a spectator. I don’t want to hear other people’s evaluation of a scene or be influenced by others. It’s not the time for my wife to see the movie yet. She’s always very supportive of me, in anything I do.
China Daily: In ‘The Flowers of War’ you have a beard which you shave off afterwards. Does it bother you?
Bale: I don’t feel bad about it, because I often grow a beard. My daughter likes it, so I often leave it.
China Daily: China Daily reported yesterday that when you were shooting the film, you had a tour in the Xi’an Terracotta Warriors. Now that you are in China for a long time, how is your interest in Chinese culture?
Bale: In my opinion, every country would be interested in this country’s culture. ‘The Flowers of War’ was shot it Lishui, Jiangsu, a place relatively far from the city. As for tourism, we visited a few places. I visited Beijing for a couple of days, and also went to Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an to read, but I only spent 6 hours there. • Read full story »
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