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Jan 27, 2012

IMDb have revealed a bunch of their top 10 most viewed movies, actors and tv show pages from the past ten years as a way of celebrating a decade of their industry database IMDBb Pro. The stats make for some interesting reading.

According to IMDb, Christopher Nolan’s uber popular 2008 film The Dark Knight has garnered the most page views in the past decade out of the thousands of movies on their site. At one point of course fan voting on the page was so high-scoring and frantic that for a brief while The Dark Knight was listed first on their Top 250 films of all time user rated list, though currently it lies at no. 8.

Second on the film list, probably from viewers trying to work out just what the hell the film was about is Richard Kelly’s 2001 cult movie Donnie Darko. Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction is the only movie from the 90?s listed in the top ten at number 3, with the list then mostly going into franchise territory with The Lord of the Ring films, Twilight and Harry Potter’s. Somehow Avatar, which is far and away the biggest movie of all time, hasn’t made it onto the list… but I guess it hasn’t existed that long to rack up page views (though The Dark Knight isn’t much older and is in first!).

As for the actors/actresses’ list, Johnny Depp is the highest male at first, followed by couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Lost unsurprisingly tops the TV list and The Dark Knight Rises the in-production list, but strangely Men in Black 3 is second and beating out The Avengers!

The full list of IMDB top 10 most viewed is below;

Top Stars of the Last 10 Years:
1. Johnny Depp
2. Brad Pitt
3. Angelina Jolie
4. Tom Cruise
5. Natalie Portman
6. Christian Bale
7. Scarlett Johansson
8. Jennifer Aniston
9. Keira Knightley
10. Emma Watson

Top Films of the Last 10 Years:
1. The Dark Knight
2. Donnie Darko
3. Pulp Fiction
4. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
5. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
6. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
7. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
8. Twilight
9. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
10. The Godfather

Top Most Anticipated In-Production Movies:
1. The Dark Knight Rises
2. Men in Black III
3. The Dictator
4. G.I. Joe: Retaliation
5. The Expendables 2
6. Battleship
7. The Avengers
8. Rock of Ages
9. The Hunger Games
10. Prometheus

Source: What Culture

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Jan 23, 2012

Since not all of us are native English speakers, The National Public Radio released the transcript of Christian Bale’s interview to Scott Simon. You can hear the interview here, and the text is as follows:

“Christian Bale plays a drifter in his new film. John Miller is no Batman. He’s an Oklahoma mortician by trade and a soldier of fortune in temperament who comes to do a bit of business in Nanjing formerly known as Nanking, China in 1937, just as the Japanese army invades and brutalizes the city.

CHRISTIAN BALE: (as John Miller) American from the refuge.
UNIDENTIFIED MAN: (Foreign language spoken)
BALE: (as John Miller) American.
UNIDENTIFIED MAN: (Foreign language spoken)
BALE: (as John Miller) Not soldier.
SIMON: The Nanjing Massacre is one of the defining historical events of modern China. Women were particular victims of war crimes there. And in Christian Bale’s new film, “The Flowers of War,” an unlikely group of women are also heroes. And his character discovers a sense of purpose. The film is China’s Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language film. It was made for a reported $100 million by the director Zhang Yimou.
Christian Bale, who is perhaps best-known for playing Batman and, of course, won an Academy Award last year for “The Fighter,” joins us from Beverly Hills, California.
Thanks so much for being with us.
BALE: Thank you.
SIMON: In a sense, is this role a return to China for you?
BALE: I didn’t feel like that. You know, I mean, you’re talking about when I was 13 I made “Empire of the Sun” in Shanghai.
SIMON: Right. The Steven Spielberg in 1987. But that feels like such another lifetime to me. And I was very interested to work with Zhang Yimou, who’s a phenomenally accomplished director. And it’s not very often that you get an opportunity to work on a movie that’s, you know, 60 percent in Mandarin made within China and get to experience that entirely different culture of filmmaking.
I have to ask, Mr. Bale, how do you react to the charge some reviewers and people in the film industry have made that this whole huge expensive film was kind of a part of a Chinese government effort to soften its image?
BALE: I think that, for me, I mean, obviously, I had no interest in making a movie with that in mind whatsoever. You know, I always do say that, you know, once you’re within a movie it’s a little hard. Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees, but I really assessed this one, and I can’t bring myself to come to agree with it in any way whatsoever. And knowing Yimou, I do not think that he would ever have any interest in entertaining that at all. • Read full story »
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Jan 23, 2012

Christian Bale’s latest character is a drifter. John Miller is no Batman; he’s an Oklahoma mortician by trade and a soldier of fortune in temperament.

Miller comes to do business in Nanjing, China. He arrives in 1937 just as the Japanese army invades and brutalizes the city. Known as the Nanjing Massacre, the genocide that followed has become one of the defining historical events of modern China.

Bale is perhaps best known for playing Batman. He also won an Academy Award last year for The Fighter. His new movie, The Flowers of War, is China’s Oscar nominee for best foreign language film. As Bale tells Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon, he couldn’t pass up the chance to work with the film’s director, Zhang Yimou.

A Unique Opportunity

“It’s not very often that you get an opportunity to work on a movie that’s … 60 percent in Mandarin, made within China,” Bale says, “and get to experience that entirely different culture of filmmaking.”

Zhang wouldn’t tell cast members what they would shoot the next day until late the night before. Keeping the actors in suspense “just gives that extra spontaneity,” Bale says. “It’s far more human.”

The movie reportedly cost $100 million to make. Some critics charge that the film is an expensive attempt on the part of the Chinese government to soften its image, but Bale is confident that Zhang wouldn’t be interested in propaganda efforts.

“I always do say that once you’re within a movie … sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees,” he says. “But I’ve really assessed this [charge], and I can’t bring myself to come to agree with it in any way whatsoever.” • Read full story »

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Jan 23, 2012

Big budget films from Greater China, albeit three very different ones, dominated the nominations for the 2012 edition of the Asian Film Awards. And Iranian drama A Separation Jodaeiye Nader az Simin continued its run of accolades.

Amassing the biggest haul was Hong Kong-Chinese 3-D action film Flying Swords of Dragon Gate ???? with seven nominations, just ahead of Christian Bale-starring The Flowers of War ????? from China, and Taiwanese mega-production Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale ??????, with six each. A Separation claimed five nominations and Hong Kong-Chinese actioner Wu Xia ?? four.

The awards will be presented in Hong Kong on 19 Mar 2012 on the eve of the territory’s annual film industry convention, Hong Kong FilMart. Prizes will be decided by a jury headed by Singaporean director Eric KHOO ??? (pictured).

The six best film nominees included four foreign language Oscar contenders – Japan’s Post Card ?????? (2010), China’s Flowers, Taiwan’s Seediq Bale and Iran’s Separation – as well as Hong Kong/China co-production Flying Swords and India’s Zindagi na milegi dobara ???????? ?? ?????? ??????. • Read full story »

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Jan 21, 2012

Jeremy Irvine has laughed off suggestions that he is the next Christian Bale.

The 21-year-old actor makes his big-screen debut in Steven Spielberg’s First World War epic, War Horse, and the Oscar-winning filmmaker has likened him to Dark Knight star Christian.

“Oh come on! Stop it,” Jeremy said. “That’s very sweet. Christian Bale is one of my favourite actors so I am hugely flattered. But it’s ridiculous.”

But Jeremy admitted he would love to follow in Christian’s footsteps.

“I use Christian Bale a lot when I’m talking about careers I really admire. You struggle to find a film where he didn’t do a fantastic job. He makes amazing choices. I thought The Fighter was one of the greatest films I have ever seen in the last five years.”

The actor revealed how winning the War Horse lead role, after two months of auditions, was a dream come true.

“Coming from a theatre show with no lines to this has been a jump. I played a tree, and hadn’t been working for two years. I was quite happy playing my little tree, then I got the Spielberg call. It was beyond anything I could have imagined,” he recalled.

Jeremy also had to learn to bond with the horses.

“I had no experience with horses before. So I had to convince them I was a master horseman,” he admitted. “I worked at the stables and took riding lessons.”

Source: Press Association

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Jan 21, 2012

Christian Bale packed up, bid his family farewell and went off to war.

The Welsh actor was drafted by acclaimed Chinese director Zhang Yimou (“Hero,” “Curse of the Golden Flower”) to star in the country’s most ambitious and expensive film ever, “The Flowers of War,” a brutal, yet ultimately uplifting tale set during the Japanese assault on Nanjing in 1937. The movie, which opened in New York Dec. 21, goes into wider release Friday.

That Bale, 37, would be working in a country where he didn’t know the language, the sole foreigner on the set in a culture that didn’t believe in coddling the crew with days off — there are no union protections there — wasn’t going to dissuade him. He is a guy, after all, who dropped one third of his body weight for his role in 2004’s “The Machinist.”

“This was a Chinese production, a Chinese director, I was going to be very isolated in terms of the language,” Bale told the Daily News. “[But] that novel experience was something I wanted to enjoy.”

Not all of his experiences in China, though, were enjoyable.

Accompanied by a CNN camera crew and reporter, Bale took an eight-hour pilgrimage to a small village in Shandong province to pay his respects to a blind lawyer who has been put under house arrest and regular harassment by the Chinese government. The Batman actor’s attempt to visit Chen Guangcheng, an activist against forced abortions as part of the country’s one-child policy, was foiled by plainclothes security guards who roughed up Bale. • Read full story »

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