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Jan 7, 2012

“Given that the 2010 Oscar-winning drama The Fighter only covered a small portion of professional boxer Micky Ward’s life, many involved with the film expressed interest in continuing Ward’s story in a follow-up. The second film would center on Ward’s famous fights with opponent Arturo Gatti, but word on the sequel has been quiet for some time. As he was a producer on the first film, Wahlberg is intricately involved in the follow-up and revealed that they’re currently waiting on a script by Scott Silver (who wrote The Fighter):

“It’s definitely a priority but I don’t think it’s necessarily gonna be a sequel, it’s really kind of it’s own thing about the Ward/Gatti wars and this crazy relationship that came out of these fights. After the first fight they became very close friends, yet two more times they went in there and tried to kill each other and caused a lot of physical and mental damage that really took a toll on them, and certainly still takes a toll on Micky to this day. Scott Silver is gonna be writing it and hopefully he’s writing as we speak.” • Read full story »

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Jan 5, 2012

The historical epic, directed by the renowned Zhang Yimou, is already No. 6 all time in the country.

Zhang Yimou‘s ambitious historical epic The Flowers of War, starring Christian Bale, has grossed $83 million at the Chinese box office to become the sixth biggest release of all time, including American tentpoles.

And Flowers of War is already the third highest-grossing Chinese film ever, as well as the top grossing Chinese film of 2011.

Flowers of War, China’s official submission for the Oscar for best foreign language film, reached $83 million after only 17 days in release. It’s been competing with Jet Li action pic Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

Until Flowers of War, the No. 1 Chinese film of 2011 wasBeginning of the Great Revival, which grossed $62 million.

Hollywood tentpoles were the top two earners in 2011 — Paramount’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen grossed a massive $145.5 million in China, followed by DreamWorks Animation and Paramount’s Kung Fu Panda 2 with $92.2 million. Both films had the advantage of higher 3D ticket prices.

Among other 2011 American event pics, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides eared $71.8 million China, while Warner Bros.’ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2grossed $63.6 million.

The top grossing film of all time in China is Avatar, which collected $204 million.

Costing $100 million to produce, Flowers of War is the most expensive Chinese production in history and was fully financed by Zhang Weiping‘s New Pictures Film Co. It’s one of the first times that a Western actor has played the lead role in a Chinese production of this size.

Bale’s recent dust up with Chinese security guards when trying to visit blind activist Chen Guangcheng haven’t hurt the movie. Bale attempted to met with Chen days after attending the premiere of Flowers of War in Beijing.

Flowers of War is being distributed in the U.S. by Chris Ball‘s Wrekin Hill Entertainment.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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Dec 25, 2011

“The Flowers of War” star Christian Bale caused a significant media kerfuffle with the Chinese government this month when he attempted to visit a Chinese human rights activist. The Foreign Ministry scolded him and said he should be “embarrassed,” but so far director Zhang Yimou has been mum on the incident.

Zhang had nothing but praise for the Welsh-born actor during an interview this summer on the set of “Flowers,” which stars Bale as an unlikely American hero during the 1937 Japanese raid of Nanjing, China.

“He has left a great impression on our team, such that we cannot stop praising him,” Zhang told The Times’ David Pierson in June while on location in Lishui County, southeast of Nanjing. “There are many things we Chinese need to learn from him: He is professional, down to earth, and he keeps a low profile.”

Zhang, the filmmaker behind Chinese classics such as “Hero” and “Raise the Red Lantern” and mastermind of the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games, said that Bale also showed a great love for children while at work. “He loves children, and there are many children here on the set,” Zhang said. “He simply couldn’t act with children when they were crying.” • Read full story »

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Dec 21, 2011

BEIJING (AP) — “Batman” star Christian Bale should feel embarrassed for trying to visit a human rights activist while he was in China to promote a movie the country has submitted for an Oscar, a government spokesman said Wednesday.

Bale was physically stopped by government-backed guards from visiting blind activist Chen Guangcheng who lives under house arrest in eastern China last week. A CNN crew he was traveling with recorded the scuffle.

Asked whether the publicity has been embarrassing, Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said he thought the actor should feel embarrassed, not China.

He said Bale was invited by director Zhang Yimou to attend the opening ceremony of the film “The Flowers of War.”

“But he was not invited to create a story or shoot film in a certain village,” said Liu. “I think if you want to make up news in China, you will not be welcome here.”

Bale, who won a best supporting actor Oscar for last year’s “The Fighter,” said he wanted to shake Chen’s hand and tell him “what an inspiration he is.” • Read full story »

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Dec 16, 2011

Film star Christian Bale found himself on the run from Chinese authorities after he attempted to meet with detained human rights activist Chen Guangcheng with help from CNN’s international news team. The plan went awry when guards began aggressively pushing Bale away, which CNN all caught on tape.

Bale was in the country for the premiere of The Flowers of War, the most expensive Chinese film ever made, and was attempting to highlight the plight of the blind human rights activist held in his home for 15 months, when Chinese police began roughing him up.

“We’re trying to get out of here,” a CNN reporter exclaims. “We’ve been stopped. Stopped right here and as you can see, they’re pushing Christian here, trying to leave peacefully.”

As Bale and the CNN news team began to leave, the Chinese guards gave chase in their car.

Source: Mediaite

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