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Aug 31, 2014

The main characters in the Biblical adaptation, set in Egypt, are all played by Caucasian actors

Thousands of people aren’t happy with “Exodus: Gods and Kings” director Ridley Scott‘s decision to cast all white leads as Egyptians in the upcoming Biblical drama, but there’s a method to his madness: He just really likes Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton.

When asked to expand on his self-described “careful” casting of the 20th Century Fox Dec. 12 release, Scott told Yahoo he knew Bale “was the right actor for the role” of Moses.

“I was thinking about the idea of ‘Exodus’ and Moses being this kind of larger-than-life character who, at the same time, has to be played definitively as a very real person, that I thought of Christian and I knew he was the right actor for the role,” Scott said. “It’s not a fantasy. Ramses certainly wasn’t a fantasy and somewhere Moses is very much written down and indicated and believed. So it’s a real thing.”

As for Edgerton, who plays Egyptian pharaoh Ramses, Scott had his eye on the actor since he auditioned for 2005’s “Kingdom of Heaven.”

“Joel had read for me for ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ and I really liked him,” Scott said. “He sent me a tape at the time, out of the blue, and I watched it and I was like, ‘Who is this?’ And later I saw him in ‘Animal Kingdom,’ which is a great film, and he was brilliant. I was knocked out by what he did on ‘Exodus.’” • Read full story »

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Aug 21, 2014

Warner Bros. has cast an entire zoo’s worth of actors for its adaptation of The Jungle Book, which Andy Serkis is directing.

Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Naomie Harris, Tom Hollander, Eddie Marsan and Peter Mullan are joining Benedict Cumberbatch to star as the animal characters in the feature. Rohan Chand, the young actor who starred opposite Jason Bateman in Bad Words, will star as the human boy Mowgli.

Serkis will also take on a role.

Callie Kloves wrote the script, adapting the Rudyard Kipling short stories, while her father, Steve Kloves, the screenwriter who wrote seven of the Harry Potter films for the studio, is producing with Jonathan Cavendish. The movie will employ a mix of motion capture, CG animation and live action.

Jungle Book centers on Mowgli, an orphaned boy raised by wolves who befriends members of the animal kingdom who help him grow up. Serkis will play Baloo the bear, and Bale will voice Bagheera, a fearsome panther, both of whom save Mowgli from the killer tiger Shere Khan (Cumberbatch) and teach him the law of the jungle.

Blanchett will voice Kaa, a sinister python who is also a friend to Mowgli, while Hollander will play Tabaqui, the jackal who is an underling of Shere Khan.

Mullan will be Akela, the leader of the wolf pack that raises Mowgli. Harris is the female wolf Nisha, while Marsan is her mate, Vihaan.

With the casting now complete, Warners’ Jungle Book is ready to go ape-to-ape with Disney, which is also mounting a live-action/CG hybrid with Jon Favreau in the director’s chair. • Read full story »

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Aug 19, 2014

He’s got a little batboy on his hands! Christian Bale and his wife, Sibi Bale, have welcomed their second child, his rep confirms to Us Weekly. A source adds to Us that the couple’s second bundle of joy is a boy.

Us confirmed in March that the couple were expecting again. At the time, Sibi showed off a noticeable baby bump as she supported the English actor at the 86th Academy Awards in L.A.

“They are truly a supportive couple, he and Sibi are thrilled,” an insider previously told Us. “She’s been traveling with him while he’s been touring around for American Hustle.”

The Dark Knight Rises star, 40, briefly opened up about fatherhood during an interview with Esquire in 2010. “The last few years of my life have been spent just watching animation — for my daughter — and getting a kick out of that,” he said. “I love anything that she likes. If she’s getting a kick out of it, I love it. I find myself tearing up at the most ridiculous things now, sitting next to my daughter while she’s watching a movie.” 

His family, however, is a part of his life he would like to keep private. “I’ve got incredible pride for my family. I’ve absolutely fallen into that cliché of a dad who could just happily talk about my daughter endlessly,” he told the mag. “But it’s not what I’m about in terms of being an actor. I don’t want people to know about that.”

Bale and Sibi tied the knot in January 2000. They are already parents to a 9-year-old daughter, whom they welcomed in March 2005. Weeks before their newborn’s arrival, the couple were photographed together spending quality time with their little girl in California’s Brentwood neighborhood.

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Aug 18, 2014


Finally we get the see Christian out and about recently. He is spotted at the Batman Exhibit posing with his fans during his visit to the place. It’s very nice to see Mr Bale again! Happy anniversary, Batman! I really wish if the recent Batman is still play by Christian. Miss the good old days.

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Jul 16, 2014

According to TheWrap: 20th Century Fox, director James Mangold and producer Leonardo DiCaprio have their eye on Christian Bale to play Travis McGee in “The Deep Blue Good-By,” an individual familiar with the project has told TheWrap.

While Bale has yet to receive an official offer and there is no deal in place, the Oscar-winning actor has expressed interest in portraying McGee, the protagonist of a 21-book series written by John D. MacDonald. 

A self-described “salvage consultant” who lives on a houseboat, McGee has a knack for attracting both trouble and women.

Bale previously worked with Mangold on “3:10 to Yuma,” and he also just worked with Fox and “Deep Blue” producer Chernin Entertainment on Ridley Scott‘s “Exodus.” 

Source: The Wrap

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