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Projects: Pocahontas (1995)

Directed by: Mike Gabriel & Eric Goldberg
Writers: Carl Binder (screenplay) & Chris Buck (story)
Released Date: June 23, 1995 (USA) )
Tagline: An American legend comes to life

Capt. John Smith leads a rag-tag band of English sailors & soldiers to the New World to plunder its riches for England (or, more precisely, for Governor Ratcliffe, who comes along for the ride). Meanwhile, in this "New World," Chief Powhatan has pledged his daughter, Pocahontas, to be married to the village's greatest warrior. Pocahontas, however, has other ideas. She has seen a vision of a spinning arrow, a vision she believes tells her change is coming. Her life does indeed change when the English ship lands near her village. Between Ratcliffe, who believes the "savages" are hiding the gold he expected to be plentiful, and Powhatan, who believes these pale newcomers will destroy their land, Smith and Pocahontas have a difficult time preventing all-out war, and saving their love for each other.

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Casting Crew
Irene Bedard ... Pocahontas (voice)
Judy Kuhn ... Pocahontas (singing voice)
Mel Gibson ... John Smith (voice)
David Ogden Stiers ... Governor Ratcliffe / Wiggins (voice)
John Kassir ... Meeko (voice)
Russell Means ... Powhatan (voice)
Christian Bale ... Thomas (voice)
Linda Hunt ... Grandmother Willow (voice)
Danny Mann ... Percy (voice)
Billy Connolly ... Ben (voice)
Joe Baker ... Lon (voice)
Frank Welker ... Flit (voice)
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• The Europeans using matchlock muskets was a nice touch. This is exactly what mariners would be using at the time, as the wheellock was too delicate and expensive and the snaphaunce (forerunner of the flintlock) was still too new and unreliable for general use (especially at sea).
• This is the only Disney animated movie inspired by fact.
• The Disney executives had all the secondary animal characters, such as Meeko and Flit, lose all their dialog in order to make the film a bit more serious.
• Animators working on the film regarded "Pocahontas" as being one of the hardest films ever produced by the studio. The complex color schemes, angular shapes and facial expressions meant that the film was in production for 5 years. The hard work paid off, however. Pocahontas herself is now frequently cited as being one of the most beautifully and realistically animated characters in the Disney canon, her fluid movements mainly being attributed to rotoscoping.
• The film's premiere was a huge event in Central Park. With over 100,000 people attending, it holds the record for the largest movie premiere.
• In their quest for authenticity, the Disney studios hired mostly Native American actors to do the voices. They also employed Native American consultants and had a session with a real shaman. Despite these efforts, prominent Native American activists issued an open letter condemning the film for its historical inaccuracies and stereotyping of the Indian people.
Thomas: Put him in chains!
Governor Ratcliffe: I'll see you all hang for this!
Thomas: And gag him as well!
Thomas: Going back is his only chance. He'll die if he stays here.